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“The Future of Education in America”

A Letter from Our School President


Dear Student:


            Most experts now agree that America has become a non-manufacturing, consumer based and service oriented society, with most jobs now in service related fields.  According to U.S. News and World Reports, the cost of professional undergraduate and graduate school education in has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels.


            Meanwhile, recent news reports show that our government continues to encourage colleges, trade and business schools to raise their annual tuitions by raising the amounts of financial aid loans available to students and schools.  Consequently, the amount of education related debt we all must bear when we graduate from these schools has increased to unfair and unmanageable levels. The end result is that most trade, business and college graduates will have to repay their education loans well into their old age and retirement years.


            It is the firm opinion of our school’s founders that an affordable quality education is a birthright of all members of society.  Our school’s solution is to offer college level education of the finest quality, at the lowest possible cost to our students and their families.


            We now offer affordable interest-free tuition financing to all  students, with no charge for all your textbooks, law library Lexis/Nexis ID access and lifetime placement assistance. This allows our graduates, unlike many graduates of other schools, to be “education debt-free” when starting their new careers. Click Here.


            We provide cutting-edge online distance learning education using on-demand streaming video technology and hands-on local internships. We hope you decide to complete your education with us and look forward to serving your job placement needs both now and in the future.


            Thank you for reviewing our affordable school programs, and welcome to the new high tech, affordable, exciting and rewarding future of education in America.


Very truly yours,


New York Paralegal