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"Paralegals in High Demand in New York...$55k-$65k Median Salary!!"

NY Daily News 

I got my first paralegal job at Citibank through New York Paralegal.  I currently work for

a large multi-national bank in their Legal Department.  I make a great salary, plus benefits. 

Thanks so much New York Paralegal!”  Jackie Ortiz - Graduate, Brooklyn, NY, USA

New York Paralegal provides all students successfully completing its programs and in good standing, lifetime career counseling and job placement assistance.

Our staff has trained and placed nearly 10,000 paralegal students, more than any other school in New York!!

Unlike other schools, we only train and place paralegals.  In fact, we specialize in placing entry-level paralegal graduates!!

This is a just a partial listing of the law firms, corporations, and government agencies where our placement staff has placed our paralegal graduates:

Deschert, Price & Rhoades

Ernst & Young

Evans, Orr. Pacelli, Norton & Laffan

Hughes, Hubbard & Reed

Parker, Chappin, Flattau & Kimpl

Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim & Ballon

Sullivan & Cromwell

Townley & Updike

Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts

Chase Manhattan Bank


Bank of New York

Deutsche Bank

Prentice Hall

Lexis/Nexis Mead

Prudential Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance

American Express

Morgan Stanley & Company

Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

The United Nations

US Court of Appeals

NYC Corporation Counsel

NYC Transit Authority

Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff

Law Offices of Joseph Tacopina

District Attorney, New York County

The Legal Aid Society

Free Lifetime NY CPLR, Domestic Relations Law, Estates, Powers and Trusts Law, Criminal Procedure Law, and many other course related NY and Federal statutes, are provided to all students and graduates.

Because, we want our students and graduates to be fully prepared to work as paralegals in the legal field, having these statutes at their fingertips makes them far more valuable assets to their employers.

You Deserve Only "The Best New York Paralegal

Education Available"


For Over 20 Years Our Staff Has Provided Just That !!

The Best and Most Successful Paralegal Education

in New York !!

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