Paralegal Litigation Specialist Certification   

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             Now experience the clear advantage of attending “on-demand video classes” over traditional “correspondence school type training” offered by other online schools.


New York Paralegal students attend and take notes in their on-demand paralegal courses by viewing streaming video of real attorneys, teaching real students, in actual classrooms.

    Additionally, after attending your lecture, you complete homework assignments, take midterm and final exams, just as you would at any traditional "bricks-and-mortar" school.


     The following lecture is an example of an actual on-demand class  offered as part of our academic programs. 


      Feel free to take notes if you like....

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You Deserve Only "The Best New York Paralegal

Education Available"


For Over 20 Years Our Staff Has Provided Just That !!

The Best and Most Successful Paralegal Education

in New York !!

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