Paralegal Litigation Specialist Certification   





The Scholarship


            Dedicated to the memory of the energetic and giving co-founder of the former New York Paralegal School, the Florence E. Jenkins Memorial Online School Scholarship seeks to encourage multifaith-based men and women to enter and pursue business careers as paralegals and legal assistants.


Number and Amount of Scholarships


            Each year, New York Paralegal will offer ten (10) full tuition and a number of partial tuition scholarships to eligible students to attend its programs completely free of tuition charges.




            Each full tuition scholarship will cover the period of time required to complete each academic program, but not longer than one and one-half the length of each program.


Eligibility Criteria


            In order to qualify for one of these scholarships, an applicant must:


  1. Regularly attend church or religious organization devotional services at the same referring church or religious organization,


  1. Reside in the borough, county or province of the same referring church or religious organization,


  1. Be at least 17 years of age,


  1. Be referred by the head pastor, minister, priest, director, officer or president of the same referring church or religious organization,


  1. Be in financial need (have less than $45,000 in combined family income),


  1. Demonstrate sufficient personal qualities such as:  Enthusiasm, cooperativeness, high degree of individual responsibility, initiative, leadership, integrity, community awareness and generosity.


Academic Criteria


            Candidates must also:


  1. Have graduated high school with, or received a GED with, or after receiving a high school diploma or GED, have attended college and achieved at least, a 75%, a C, or a 2.5 grade point average (“GPA”,)


  1. Demonstrate good writing ability by submitting a 1 to 2 page essay of at least 250 words expressing:


a.                  Their reasons for choosing a paralegal or legal assistant career,


b.                  Why he/she should be selected, and


c.                  Past experiences or present activities that qualify him/her to pursue a paralegal or legal assistant career.


  1. Meet all other New York Paralegal required academic entrance requirements.


Award Evaluation Criteria


Applicants are evaluated according to their individual academic and social skills, strengths and weaknesses.  Scholarship applicants are judged by an impartial award committee comprised of Paralegal Online Classes faculty and administrators. The award committee reviews all applications submitted on a quarterly basis.


Application Process


            All candidates must submit a complete application package that includes;


1.                  A completed application form,


2.                  A copy of his/her high school diploma or GED, and as appropriate, a college transcript with a sufficient GPA (as described above,)


3.                  A 1 to 2 page essay (as described above,)


4.                  A recommendation form or reference letter completed by the church or religious organization head (as described above,) Note: The referring religious head must attest to the candidate’s regular religious devotional service attendance of at least once per month (exceptions may be made for the candidate’s documented illness, military service, elderly or ill person care giving,) 


5.                  Proof of age: Must submit state ID, birth certificate, passport, baptismal papers or other official documentation showing applicant age,


6.                  Demonstrated financial need by showing less than $35,000 in family income.  Applicant must submit supporting family’s or applicant’s most recent federal income tax returns or other sufficient financial documentation,


7.                  Mail, email or fax your application package to New York Paralegal by the quarterly deadline dates of March 31st, June 30th, September 30th or December 31st of each year.  Refer to Contact Us page on our Website. 



Manner in which Scholarship is Paid


            Full tuition credit applied to student’s ledger after the student successfully completes his/her first course with a 70 or C final grade or better.


Alternate Candidate Awards


            The award committee scores each candidate on a 0 to 100 scale, 0 being the lowest score, 100 being the highest score. 


            If for some reason a student awarded a scholarship cannot attend the school, his/her scholarship is awarded to the next best candidate as measured by the score they received from the award committee.


Continued Scholarship Eligibility


            Students remain eligible to continue receiving their full tuition scholarships provided they continue to meet New York Paralegal satisfactory academic progress standards.  Students failing to meet said standards requiring their dismissal from attending classes, will lose their entire scholarship, but will not owe the online school any monetary remuneration.