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Rose Gonzalez, Graduate

Queens, NY, USA


Interning allows students to add valuable practical experience to their academic training, while providing priceless resume building material, likely enhancing a student's prospects for ultimate employment as a paralegal and legal assistant.

A variety of New York Tri-State area internships are made available to students enrolled in our internship programs with corporations, law firms and governmental agencies. While most internships are unpaid, some pay small stipends or salaries to internees, the emphasis being on gaining legal experience for the student's resume.


Our staff has successfully placed thousands of paralegal students in internships in the New York City area.

This is a partial listing of the law firms, corporations and government agencies where our staff has placed paralegal interns:

Ernst & Young

Evans, Orr. Pacelli, Norton & Laffan

Law Offices of  Joseph Tacopina

Law Offices of Michael W. Goldstein

Law Offices of Suzanne Kimberly Bracker

Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff

Kenyon & Kenyon

Hughes, Hubbard & Reed

Parker, Chappin, Flattau & Kimpl

Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim & Ballon

Sullivan & Cromwell

Townley & Updike

Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts

Chase Manhattan Bank

Prentice Hall

Lexis/Nexis Mead

Metropolitan life Insurance

American Express

Morgan Stanley & Company

Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

The United Nations

NYC Corporation Counsel

NYC Transit Authority

District Attorney, Bronx County

District Attorney, Queens County

District Attorney, Kings County

The Legal Aid Society

Full sections of NY CPLR, Domestic Relations Law, Estates, Powers and Trusts Law, Criminal Procedure Law, and other related statutes, are provided to all students and graduates for five (5) years.

Because, we want our students and graduates to be fully prepared to work as paralegals in the legal field, having these statutes at their fingertips makes them valuable assets to their employers.


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