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All students have full Law Library Access to published State and Federal case law, statutes, and codes.  All students receive a full copy of the New York Legal Assistant Handbook.
This is a very valuable employment and internship asset.



All Students and Graduates Receive Lifetime Updated Complete Sections of Course Relevant NY Statutes.

Full sections of NY CPLR, Domestic Relations Law, Estates, Powers and Trusts Law, Criminal Procedure Law and others NY and Federal Statutory Law are given to all students and graduates.

Because, we want our students and graduates to be fully prepared to work as paralegals in the legal field, having these statutes at their fingertips at their jobs makes them valuable assets to their employers.

New York Legal Assistant Handbook


A "How To" Practice Guide for New York Legal Assistants.


This handbook is used exclusively by New York Paralegal students, graduates and members of the New York Legal Community.


Originally published by James Publishing, the New York Legal Assistant Handbook is continually updated and revised by New York Paralegal Press.


The handbook focuses on procedure, not theory.  Most legal practice guides contain confusing "legalese" and lengthy case analysis. New York Legal Assistant Handbook is different, because it tells you what to do and how to do it - in plain English.


Used exclusively now by New York Paralegal students and graduates, written by a top-notch team of New York Legal assistants, attorneys and paralegal educators, New York Legal Assistant Handbook provides concise explanations of substantive law and practical "how-to" advice covering a broad range of important legal subjects.


New York Legal Assistant Handbook provides over 1000 pages of New York-based practice advice and legal forms that will help you work independently, confidently and accurately in the following legal areas:


Legal Research and Writing

Excellent overview of New York legal research procedures and court systems, instructions for preparing research memos, digesting cases, using proper citation form, i.e., Bluebooking, Shepardizing and more.

Civil Litigation

Step-by-step instructions, forms and how-to advice for preparing pleadings, motions, discovery and other trial and pre-trial documents. Complete plain language coverage of

New York CPLR statutes.


Business Corporations

Thorough checklists, forms and strategic advice for creation, modification and dissolution of New York corporations, LLCs, partnerships and more.


Real Estate

Detailed forms, checklists, and instructions for assisting with purchase and sales, financing agreements, residential and commercial closings under New York case law and statutes.


Family Law

Detailed drafting instructions, complete plain language coverage of New York Family Court rules and Domestic Relations Law, comprehensive forms and concise summaries of substantive law.



Comprehensive coverage of federal bankruptcy procedures, practical advice, forms, step-by-step filing instructions and much more.


Wills, Trusts & Estates Law

Detailed examination of wills preparation, execution, revocation and contest, intestacy and right of election; revocable and irrevocable trusts; powers of appointment; guardianship; conservatorship; estate taxation and planning, according to New York case law and statutes 


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