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Entrance Requirements & Procedures


New York Paralegal seeks qualified candidates for admission to its academic programs.  The school therefore limits admission, at its discretion, to such persons it believes will most benefit from its specialized courses and training, and in turn, will make the most effective paralegals. 


Candidates seeking admission to a school course or program are required to enroll online by completing these three (3) easy steps below:



STEP 1Complete the Online Enrollment Form below, and 



STEP 2.  Select and Make a Payment - Press Here; and


STEP 3. Start Attending Classes at Student & Faculty Log-In page: Log-In !! 


Note: You will receive your Log-In ID, Password and first course textbooks & materials from the school Registrar after completing the first two (2) steps above to Enroll.


STEP 1: COMPLETE THIS FORM and then press button marked "SUBMIT" at bottom of the form.

STEP 3: Start Attending Classes at Your Convenience.


Start attending classes at your convenience at the "Student & Faculty Log-In" page:   Log-In

Note: You will receive your Log-In ID and Password from the school Registrar at your email or by phone after completing your Enrollment.

Advanced Standing for Previous Training and Experience

The school may grant advanced standing and pro-rata tuition credit for related training completed at a previous institution.  Advanced standing reduces the number of courses the student must complete.  Pro-rata tuition credit reduces the amount of a program's tuition cost by the cost of the course hours granted advanced standing, based on each course’s cost within their program of enrollment.

Advanced standing for previously completed training may be awarded only at the school’s discretion, after receipt and review of the enrollee's transcript, program and course descriptions from the previous institution of instruction by mail or email at  Credit is limited to previous coursework in which the student received a grade of C or higher, and may not exceed 1/2 of the total length of the student’s program of enrollment. 

Advanced standing may be awarded for related job or life experience upon review and verification by the school’s Academic Dean.  Advanced standing for related job or life experience is awarded at the Academic Dean’s discretion, after receipt and review of the enrollee's resume, and/or originally signed letter(s), on company letterhead, from the student candidate's previous employer(s) sent to us by mail or email at Credit for life experience credit may not exceed 1/4 of the total length of the student's program of enrollment.